Reskilling to Build Diverse Tech Teams

Title: Reskilling to Build Diverse Tech Teams
Date: July 27, 2023
Duration: 1.5HR

Sue Black, OBE, Durham University, ACM PD Committee

Elizabeth (Beth) Hawthorne , Rider University, ACM Education Board

Marlene Mhangami , Voltron Data; ACM Practitioner Board

Srikantan Moorthy , Infosys (Retired), ACM PD Committee

Brad Voeller, New Apprenticeship

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TechUPWomen- How far we’ve come
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My 100 moments that ROCKED computer science podcast:

Beth Hawthorne’s Links:
Fast Facts from the American Association of Community Colleges
National Center for Education Statistics, Postsecondary Survey Results
National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education and Workforce Impacts Book

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US DOL Apprenticeship
College Promise Programs

Was thinking would be an interesting discussion topic for the panel concerning diversity, ChatGPT and the future of Tech Teams.
The quote below is from the movie “Hidden Figures” where they are discussing the new IBM system being installed at NASA to all the calculations their team was doing. Note: “IBM’s” is referring to the new IBM system:
Dorothy: IBM’s going to put us all out of work.
Katherine: What can we do about it?
Dorothy: Only one thing to do: learn all we can. Make ourselves valuable.