Disorganized site-bad design

So I get to the Preamble, read it, read the comments, and look for the “next” button, and… oh, there isn’t one.

If you create a document that is to be read, you must provide a simple way to read it sequentially. If such a method exists, it must be obvious, visible both at the beginning and end of the current page, and be bidirectional.

This is an example of a design by a programmer for a GUI: it is logically organized, hierarchical, and unusable.

I lack the patience to navigate the complex structure I find here. As an ACM Life Member, I have interest in this topic; as a retired person, I am very busy introducing STEAM concepts to grades 3-9 and don’t have time to waste trying to get to the next page of an ethics document. I need to explain closed-loop feedback systems to 10-year-olds in a way they can both understand and use; my time is better-spent doing that.

joseph m. newcomer, phd

Sadly this is a limitation of a forum style setup, which is easier for structured discussion, but not as an introduction to the code. The full code can be read at the Code 2018 site, or in the paper that was linked in the “Start here” post: https://ethics.acm.org/2018-code-draft-2/

I work in the area of “Usability Engineering” and IMHO, the design of the site serves the purpose.