Advice on Programming Direction

I started studying programming 3 years ago. The initial research, with quite a few sources checked, said that the the best language to learn was ISO 1999/ANSI 1989 Standard C because it is used as the foundation for ~90% of Linux build(Unix, too), which is the platform almost all web servers on racks run on, personal computers and laptops because it was used to compile Windows as well as Mac/IOS which as of 10.4 is Intel-based, Android, TI/Arduino for micro controllers, a special RTOS/Sal blend from UT Austin, Berkley’s BSD. This suggests what should be learned to have the widest reach of architecture platforms for adoption in the Americas and Europe using, distributed communications channels with POSIX or binary driver from the manufacturer most often having C compilers.

As a result of this course preparatory study during that time, I read a shit load of books, some twice, on math, engineering, science, language and programming covering well over 5,000 book pages alone on the subjects. More specifically: A couple of C books, Operations Systems Assembly, References and Pointers, Drivers, Real Time Distributed OS, Linux/Unix Patterns, ASCII, Maxwell’s Classical Physics Design, Electrical Engineering, Cellular Automation, Object-Oriented, Geometrical Architecture, Graph Theory, ATLAS, Algorithms, Communications, Rules of Order, GIMP Reference, Standard Library and various other Standards, IBM x8086 and Motorola 6800 Assembly, etc., Linguistic Ciphers and Symbols of Natural Language Communications and Storage, Practical Grammar and Composition, Basics of Game Development Mathematics, Way Things Work, plus web articles sparse conversations and other stuff. This caused me to have many questions and I could not find good resources. Any good books are welcomed.

I don’t really wanna change scope of language but am open to any feedback of sound professional wisdom toward edification of practice through time for direction or improvements. If I typed my notes up written in all the text books I read, at very least another 200 pages would be added. I want to know if I am better off being a postal worker, trades union which I enjoy or something else…

Here is the link if you have the gumption or a text processor for signs of useful ideas in terms of questions, problems, ideas, etc. It is a GDoc, public URL you are free to leave comments with. More robust convolutions and rants are found later on, perhaps more useful ideas. Vague topic index to navigate on the left; updated infrequently:

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