The Future of Wireless and What It Will Enable


Title: The Future of Wireless and What It Will Enable
Date: Wednesday, April 03, 2019 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT
Duration: 1 hour

SPEAKER: Andrea Goldsmith, Stanford University; 2018-2019 ACM Athena Lecturer

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Question on the topic of “The Future of Wireless and What It Will Enable”.


I’m wondering if the future of Wireless includes getting rid of all the wires connecting my computer under my desk to:

  1. Power
  2. Monitor
  3. RAID array
  4. 10 Gig Network Hub
  5. USB, multi-function card reader

Much like a clear distinction can be made between CRT’s and flat panel displays in the computing era, a similar distinction can be made between having a jumble of cables behind one’s desk and having no cables at all.

To me, “the future of wireless” must include getting rid of the wires we use today, not just enabling new technologies while still having a mess of cables under out desks.

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Most of that is already available however some of it is not implemented in the way that would provide you with a simple solution.

If Tesla has had his way we’d already be well past this request of yours and a long way past many of the current world issues like pollution, poverty and politics. Perhaps the last one is a bit of a reach :wink:

Think of it like this. Tesla pondered and experimented with the transmission of power and information via (huge simplifications follow) the difference between the ground and the things on and above it. If he’d been able to continue this then, looking only at your request, we’d be getting power from the ground and air around us to power our devices as well as using it for communication between those same devices. We’re actually not that far away from this, again big leap of faith, but there’s plenty of roadblocks and stuck-in-the-mud type of thinking getting in way.

I’ll regurgitate some more random thoughts from my cranium and say that a simple start to getting rid of those cables would be an inductive loop running around you house inside the walls that your devices are able to “tune” into and receive not only power but also data would be something. Of course there’s potential for radiation, heat, interference, cross-talk … but all the stuff is available just needs to be brought together.

Open for comment

PS: The mention of Tesla was not a promotion of his ideals just that these things have been tried in the past. On yeah and let’s not forget that wonderful little device the “Crystal Radio” which powered itself off the radio waves it was receiving to provide the entertainment.