Application Management with Kubernetes


Title: Application Management with Kubernetes
Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

Kelsey Hightower
Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform, Google

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is the abstract correct? The title of the talk is Application Management with Kubernetes, but the abstract is all about brain activity!


I was watching the presentation since the beginning, and then during the presentation the Slides widget went back to showing the “Housekeeping” slide from ACM. I reloaded the browser to no avail. I reopened the presentation in a different browser and it was still stuck in the same slide :frowning: I hope it’s available to watch afterwards.


Hi Allan,
Could you post the link to what you’re seeing?
Where I’m sent is below:

With this Abstract:
Kubernetes provides a framework for managing application containers across multiple machines and compute clusters. In this webinar we will explore Kubernetes from an application developers point of view to understand they key benefits of the platform.


It was on the registration page. Sorry, I don’t see a way to view that page anymore.


It was probably a glitch, as long as you’re able to see the correct abstract now. Thank you for posting.


I’m trying to watch the recording, and it all messed up. At about 13:40 the presentation starts to open this page over and over again. VERY annoying. then just shows the the welcome or housekeeping slide and we can no longer see the real presentation.


I was seeing similar behaviour. Audio was cutting out a bit here and there, but the video stopped loading properly at about the 45 min mark and never recovered. Too bad as the presentation was very interesting and the demonstrative approach was very effective. Hopefully a recording without the glitches will be available to registered attendees. :smile_cat:


Nice! Here’s some more of the best Kubernetes tutorials & books if you want to learn more.